On your belly, steady, go! On the Multilane slide not only the fastest wins, but also the competitors since the bumpy lanes can deliver enough entertainment for 6 persons at a time.

Pure adrenaline and adventure is what you deserve. Feel the full power of gravity and become an addict! At the end line of this water slide you’ll know that you overcame a big challenge.

Gain full speed on this not-so-pink lane, as you might think! Give it a try and be prepared to smash the waves of the landing pool with insane velocity and maximum enthusiasm.

The one and only mazy lane in the aquatic park on which you don’t need an inflatable, suposing that the kid’s attractions aren’t your type. If you want to try it be sure that you will be really tried.

It’s amazing how fast you can switch direction on the inflatable. The water slide can be smooth, incredibly steep at the next corner, going left and going right like a zigzag.

A temporal tunnel that dilates time and hides the sunlight here and there. Your heartbeats will plunge through the tube so you may want to be assisted just to double the adventure.

As soon as you’re already happy about your descend, you’re launched to higher levels of thrill. Take a partner with you and learn how to defy gravity.


The double inflatable is a trusty friend when in a swirl, as we couldn’t have found a better name for this slide. Remember that it’s so much fun to seek exit in two.


When the lights are green, clear off! You will climb on every single wall of the waterslide in your journey through the twisty lane. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Hold tight! Well, you will anyway squeez the inflatable handles when you won’t see a thing and all that your senses will tell you is that the next corner is close.

Travel down the slide and enjoy the experience! The thrill is just enough to keep you excited, but you might also admire the sights and the park’s fantastic view.

From the tube into the flume, and then back into the pipe, continuously turning right and left, the red water slide waits for you for an enthusiastic ride.

Discover the fascinating machinery of adventure under the spell of Tuthankamon’s mask. The Rain Fortress is the place where waterfalls hide tunnels for you to explore.

The Fun comes with the waves, and those are not of the same kind. No less than 6 types of waves are waiting for you here, with wild foam parties and great live shows.

Enjoy the inflatable’s sweet rocking on the winding path of the Lazy River. Let the sunbeams hug you for this is the perfect way to tour the park with your friends.

Feeling simply fine is the main activity in the newest sector of Divertiland. Here you can alternate sun baths with the moments spent swimming in the Olympic Pool.

Fountains, streams and jets of water put together in an area of pure adventure and boundless joy. Even the adults are willing to play games with the kids here.

Children simply love the attractions that are for them only. In this funny mini-aquapark, the slides and pools have small sizes, and the kids are always feeling safe.

Just imagine a multicolor cocktail and a fun-size pool near the bar, just for you and your friends. They’ll sure be glad to join the party in one of these two mini-pools.

Put your fantasy at work, and your body as well. Prove your volleyball skills on the sand, for you can always ask for nets, balls and a play ground for your team.

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