Fun comes in waves at Divertiland until the last drop of summer

The last day of summer is fast approaching, and brings with it the end of the 8th season of Divertiland. On Sunday, September 6th, the largest amusement park in Romania invites all of its fans to the last adventure session of 2020, in the same atmosphere of joy and optimism that accompanied us from the very beginning.

We are on the last 100 meters of the sezon that will end next week on Sunday, September 6th.

Between 1st and 6th of September, the access tickets can be acquired only at the cash desk of the park.

Of course we would have liked the summer to be longer, in fact we would have reserved the most of the year for the sunny season, but we come down to earth and we are grateful for what we have achieved so far. We have created a huge realm of fun with high quality services and we have turned into reality most of our desires to bring happiness to our community and visitors. Together we gave the holiday the spirit and energy it deserves. Even in this restrictive period that we are going through, we took all the measures so that the fun could continue its course in conditions of maximum safety.

Indeed, the 2020 season has put us to the test. Until the opening day there were many moments when we thought this summer would be a complete waste. We managed to come up with a plan to open the Super Paradise area, but gradually we were able to allow access to most of the attractions. It’s true that, in order to protect the health of our visitors, we had to take some decisions over the summer that were not very popular, such as keeping closed the Lazy River and Rain Fortress attractions. We preferred it to be so, because we knew that it would be extremely difficult to maintain social distance in these areas.

Out of the desire to respect and promote health protection measures, at Divertiland we limited the number of visitors to a level well below the park’s capacity. For this reason but also for other reasons, we thought that in the 2020 season we will not be able to meet many of those who would have wanted to be here in normal circumstances.

This is how the idea of ​​an interactive show was born. We called it plain and simple THE CRAZY HOUR. We learned from scratch to make television and produce relevant content for those who wanted to feel closer to Divertiland. We offered more or less voluntary doses of humor, news about the park and prizes that bring fun: T-shirts, mugs and beach bags branded with the Divertiland logo, and numerous free access vouchers at Divertiland. We liked it and we promise we will keep doing it.

Three months of perpetual enthusiasm, here’s a reason to thank you, Divertiland fans, from the bottom of our hearts. Together we enjoyed an eccentric season with the smile on our faces and the adrenaline set to the maximum. We are already looking forward to next year with new ideas and the certainty that we have the love and support of our community that is both lively and responsible.

We hope that next summer we will meet again with even more fans at Divertiland, with super water, super vibe, and super fun.

We liked it and we promise we will keep doing it.