Your favourite meal waits for you in one of the 11 restaurants where you can choose from traditional cuisine, Mediterranean food, grill, fast-food, pizza and desserts.

Take a break from adventure to enjoy your dream cocktail, your beloved coffee or any other beverage that suits the moment!

Put all your cares aside and keep your valuables in a safety deposit box! We have over 800 boxes so you can have your own for you and your companions.

Some extra comfort and a little more personal space can make the difference for large groups of visitors, as well as for those who would love a pavilion just for their family.


If you want to go in an initiatic quest, we have what you need. Our trainers are ready to share with you all their secrets about walking on water with almost no effort.

You might be a curious beginner or you might want to learn new swimming techniques, this courses will please you. Keep going, and our top trainers can help you become a lifeguard.

Everyone needs short moments of rest, and we do our best to make those minutes as delightful as possible. So we’ve placed thousands of sun lounges with umbrellas for the sake of happiness.

If you want one of the Divertiland’s 850 parking spots, all you have to do is take your entertainment team and visit us. Bingo! It simply can’t get easier than this.

We sure want you to be ready for adventure lightning fast. Therefore, as soon as you get in the park you have everything you need at your disposal to freshen up!

Take home a sweet souvenir as a memory of the land of adventure. Come visit the Souvenir Shop and share with your friends some awesome Divertiland moments!

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