Paw Patrol now at Divertiland Water Park

Paw Patrol comes to Divertiland Water Park with educational moments, team spirit and out-of-the-way fun for the most ardent fans. In other words, the little ones will meet the superheroes from the Puppy Patrol, in the largest water park in the country.
Therefore, we are waiting for you on Saturday, 20th of August, from 1:00 p.m., to see the most beloved heroes, Chase and Marshall.

They will offer a one-hour show, especially for the little ones, in which they will show their talents, telling about their new rescue adventures.
And if you didn’t already know them, let’s get to know the cutest characters from Paw Patrol:

Chase is the ideal police dog, a natural leader who can solve any mystery with his strong scent. Only he has a problem, he is allergic to cats and feathers.
Marshall is the firefighter dog, super friendly and always ready for action. It’s just that sometimes he makes a bit of noise because he has too much energy.

It doesn’t matter which is the little one’s favorite, he will meet both of them face to face. 😊
In addition, the surprises will not stop here, the little ones will also have a photo session with their favorite idols.
Don’t miss this exceptional experience for children, which will give them unforgettable memories!

*The access is based on the tickets purchased for entering the water park.