Rules for a SUPER seasons

The new season at Divertiland is one that we want to enjoy at supreme levels, because at the largest amusement park in Romania you have super water and super ambiance in the newest area of ​​the park – Super Paradise. Since the fun starts from being well, we have taken a number of steps to protect your safety, in a context where public health recommendations must be strictly followed.

While the purity and quality of water at Divertiland have always been at the highest possible level, this season the rules of social distance for the prevention of health conditions require some changes in the waterpark’s organization. In the first part of the summer, Divertiland will open only the Super Paradide area, which includes the Olympic Pool and the children’s pool, the Wave Pool, the Hippo Pool, and The Beach pools.

We need though the help of every single visitor in our efforts to create a safe and fun space. All that needs to be done is for our guests to comply with the established rules, which you can find below.


  1. For the best experience at Divertiland, please follow the safety measures.
  2. It is forbidden to bring food and beverages from outside Divertiland.
  3. Please keep the mandatory distance of at least 1.5 meters. In the waiting of the Divertiland cash desk.
  4. At the entrance of the park, the temperature of each visitor will be checked. Divertiland may deny access to people with symptoms of a contagious condition or to the ones that refuse to be checked.
  5. Keep the fiscal receipt for the entire duration of your visit to the park.
  6. Visitors have the responsibility to permanently wear the access bracelet in the park.
  7. Inside the locker rooms, acccess is allowed to a maximum of 10 people simultaneously.
  8. Respect the placement of the sun beds and keep a distance of at least 2 meters between them.
  9. Before entering the pools, please use the showers nearby.
  10. Enjoy the moments spent in the pool so as to offer the same opportunity to others.
  11. Please use the sanitizer dispensers inside the park as often as possible.
  12. Divertiland staff reserves the right to refuse access or take out the persons who do not comply with the park rules.

Everything is simple and much more fun when we work together as a team. It only takes some responsibility and the rest is taken care of by the sun and the holiday craving.

You already know the perfect destination,

Super-water, super-vibe, Super Paradise!