“Courage is the first virtue that makes all other virtues possible.” is the motto that captures so well in words the spirit of the Salvalife Academy. The passion for swimming and the aquatic environment must be doubled by a dose of courage to face situations in which others need help. Our lifeguard school offers, on top of that, an essential thing for tomorrow’s heroes: the knowledge and techniques that allow them to always have control.

Founded in 2014 on the initiative of the Divertiland team, Salvalife is the first rescue school in Bucharest, and the only one in the capital certified and recognized by the Ministry of Education and the National Authority for Certification. Our trainers were instructed in Greece, Portugal, Australia and Romania, countries that manage large coastal areas in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Black Sea.

Salvalaife Salvamari pentru viata
Salvalaife Salvamari pentru viata

The lifeguards trained at our school have became, over the years, key members in the extensive rescue teams of the largest water park in Romania – Divertiland Water Park, protecting the safety of our visitors in a professional and efficient manner.

At the Salvalife Academy, those who pursue their dreams to become certified lifeguards or simply formidable swimmers can opt for the classic swimming module or the module dedicated to the techniques of rescuing the victim, providing first aid and self-rescue. At the end of the courses the graduates will obtain a lifetime accreditation, recognized as well in Romania and internationally.

So far, SALVALIFE has coached over 300 lifeguards. Our team is made up of specialist trainers, lifeguards who have chosen this profession out of passion and responsibility. Leading them, Christos Argiropoulos, a certified lifeguard in Greece, also for work at sea. Christos has over 11 years of experience as a pool and sea / ocean instructor and lifeguard, and countless refresher courses in Greece and Australia at one of the most famous lifeguard clubs in the world in Brisbane, Gold Coast.

Salvalaife Salvamari pentru viata

Do you want to become a professional lifeguard and an expert of water travel techniques?
Salvalife courses are the prime choice, both for those who wish to learn the secrets of swimming from scratch, and for those who want to diversify their swimming styles, or improve their performance.