Schedule your visit to Divertiland and enjoy the fun!

Put the summer at work at the largest amusement park in Romania.

This season, those who want to come to the park must schedule their visit by a text message on WhatsApp, at the phone number 0786.722.897. The text sent must contain the telephone number of the group representative, his surname, his first name, as well as those of the attendants, the date of the visit, and the approximate time of arrival. This procedure is mandatory according to the joint Order MTS / MS no. 619/1077 of 12 June, and should not be considered in any way a reservation for the park’s services.

Another method to get access to the water park is to buy tickets online. You can do this by accessing the ticket page HERE.

We remind you that in the current season, the maximum number of visitors is limited, so the available sunbeds are more than enough. Before entering the park, visitors are asked to consult the regulations displayed both online and in the cashiers’ area, their compliance being essential to prevent the spread of the medical conditions.

The cleanest and safest possible water awaits the fans of entertainment every day at Divertiland as long as the summer is in charge.

You know the perfect destination,
Super-water, super-vibe, Super Paradise.