Terms and conditions


1) All visitors and / or users of DIVERTILAND and their guests have the obligation to comply with these Access Conditions, the provisions of the Road Code inside the DIVERTILAND parking lot and the meanings of traffic signs, as well as the indications of the staff operating the attractions.

2) All the rules mentioned in these Conditions are implemented strictly in the interest of the visitors of the DIVERTILAND water park. If you appreciate them restrictively or simply do not agree with them, please do not enter the DIVERTILAND park. Once you enter the DIVERTILAND perimeter through the access areas specially arranged for this purpose, you implicitly agree to the DIVERTILAND rules and undertake to irrevocably and unconditionally comply with all the rules below, which it is presumed that you have read and followed carefully, by simple entrance to DIVERTILAND. Any subsequent claims regarding the following will not be considered.

3) ATTENTION! In order to limit the risk of injury to swimming pools and slides and other unpleasant situations, which may have serious and irreparable consequences, DIVERTILAND Visitors / Users are obliged to comply with all special rules of these Access Conditions, which they are presumed to have read, understood and accepted, with the entry of DIVERTILAND and / or the use of any means of entertainment / attractions from DIVERTILAND.


1) The operating hours of DIVERTILAND are every day from 10:00 to 20:00. Access to the pools is allowed between 10:00 and 20:00, and access to slides between 11:00 and 18:00. DIVERTILAND reserves the right to change these operating hours at any time without the need to communicate them.

2) Definitive or temporary abandonment of the DIVERTILAND perimeter (perimeter that excludes the parking area), means the cancellation of the Bracelet without any compensation and / or reimbursement of its cost from DIVERTILAND.

3) Access to DIVERTILAND is allowed only during the displayed hours and only based on the Bracelet available at the DIVERTILAND cashier after its purchase.

4) It is forbidden to enter DIVERTILAND with the Bracelet belonging to another client and / or to borrow it from someone else.

5) It is forbidden to enter the DIVERTILAND perimeter behind another person or to enter using another bracelet. Access is strictly individual, as is liability for violating the rules of these Access Conditions.

6) It is forbidden to enter the DIVERTILAND perimeter with food or any type of drink, refrigerated boxes, balls, mattresses, inflatables and / or weapons of any kind.

7) The access of persons under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs and / or other prohibited and / or hallucinogenic substances is prohibited.

8) It is forbidden to access the green space anywhere in the DIVERTILAND perimeter, as well as in the expressly delimited areas as not being accessible to DIVERTILAND visitors / users by distinctive signs.

9) The access of children under 16 is possible only if they are accompanied by an adult or if they present at the access to the park the parental agreement form completed and signed by one of the parents.

10) Children must be supervised during their stay in DIVERTILAND, including in the DIVERTILAND car park.

11) The responsibility for the non-observance by the children, regardless of whether or not they are accompanied by the parents, of the present Access Conditions, for the facts and possible material damages caused by the children as well as the responsibility for the physical integrity of the children being exclusively of the parent. The operator does not assume any obligation and / or responsibility in this regard. The notion of “parent” includes any person who accesses the services of the DIVERTILAND park with or without a child for whose supervision he is fully responsible regardless of the degree of kinship or affinity.

12) It is forbidden to enter the DIVERTILAND perimeter without proper shoes or clothing.

13) It is mandatory in the DIVERTILAND perimeter for its visitors to access any of the means of entertainment / attractions with the prior reading of the instructions displayed on the properly signposted wooden panels, and with the prior performance of the shower.

14) ATTENTION! Access to slides and swimming pools must be done without first consuming excess food and drink, there is a risk of heart attack or other health problems. Also, slides will not be used if medications that affect your ability to concentrate or orient or your ability to decide have been consumed. Also, if the person in question is not pregnant or has undergone any medical intervention of any kind.


1) Do not use the facilities and means of entertainment, DIVERTILAND attractions before reading and carefully the rules of use of each. The rules / instructions for use are mentioned on large wooden panels marked with DIVERTILAND mascots or other specific signs. Please note that the purpose of any restrictions is exclusively for the safety of each consumer of such services, in accordance with the instructions for operation, installation and use of the Manufacturer of such means of entertainment. We ask you to follow exactly the instructions of the DIVERTILAND staff and to refrain from any gesture or action that does not fall within the instructions of the DIVERTILAND staff, the responsibility being entirely and exclusively of those who do not respect these rules.

2) ATTENTION! In the DIVERTILAND perimeter, in the areas of swimming pools and entertainment facilities there are wet surfaces that can cause slipping or abrasive surfaces that limit slipping, so you must pay maximum attention to steps and tiles / pavement / wet and / or abrasive surfaces. There is a high risk of slipping and falling.

3) Do not touch electrical wires or panels.

4) Do not use the phone or any other means of communication in swimming pools or during the use of slides.

5) Do not stay within the range of entertainment used by another person.

6) Do not use Divertiland attractions if you have consumed alcohol or have a medical history that may include, but are not limited to, fainting, heart arrhythmias, heart disease, tension, phobias, episodes of loss of consciousness. The operator does not assume responsibility for any incident caused on the territory of DIVERTILAND which results from the existence of a precarious medical situation, non-compliance with the instructions of the staff, non-compliance with the instructions for using the attractions, etc.

7) Wear appropriate footwear during the shower. There is a risk of slipping and accident.

8) Respect the access space to the showers.

9) Do not use the shower in a state of intoxication, stomach discomfort or intoxication.

10) To avoid all incidents, it is forbidden to open umbrellas during periods of strong winds. In the event of an incident due to non-compliance with this provision, the responsibility is integral and exclusive of those who do not comply with this rule.


1) Any inappropriate activity or behavior resulting in injury or discomfort to other visitors / users of DIVERTILAND is prohibited. Otherwise, DIVERTILAND’s surveillance and security staff may require that person to leave the DIVERTILAND premises without returning the value of the access ticket or awarding any compensation. Nudism is forbidden as well as any other indecent behavior.

2) It is strictly forbidden to destroy and / or damage any equipment, endowments or arrangements inside DIVERTILAND. It is strictly forbidden to touch objects in the decoration.

3) Anywhere in the DIVERTILAND perimeter, photography, filming or recording is prohibited, without the prior written consent of the DIVERTILAND representatives.

4) It is forbidden to enter the DIVERTILAND perimeter and the parking lot with animals of any kind, including pets.

5) DO NOT leave your personal belongings unattended anywhere in the DIVERTILAND perimeter, including the Parking Lot. DIVERTILAND assumes no responsibility for personal items left unattended, forgotten, lost or stolen.

6) It is strictly forbidden to insert, use, abandon in the perimeter of DIVERTILAND (on beaches, in swimming pools, on slides or anywhere in the perimeter of DIVERTILAND) of any sharp, brittle object that can cause injuries.

7) It is forbidden to access or use rollers or bicycles in DIVERTILAND.

8) It is forbidden to wear jewelry, watches, glasses or other metal or brittle accessories while using the slides.

9) Smoking is allowed only in specially arranged and signaled places. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside restaurants and buildings.

10) It is mandatory to keep clean; the storage of waste outside the specially arranged places being forbidden.

11) The use of inflatable equipment takes place only in swimming pools and on specially designed slides, it is forbidden to use / store them in any other location.

12) Access to swimming pools or slides or to any of DIVERTILAND’s attractions / entertainment with inappropriate footwear and / or clothing is prohibited.

13) It is forbidden to use the swimming pools by visitors / users of DIVERTILAND who do not know how to swim.

14) It is mandatory to follow the signs and signs displayed anywhere in DIVERTILAND (including the Parking lot), as well as the instructions provided by lifeguards and surveillance personnel. At the same time, it is mandatory to keep the appropriate distance between visitors, especially in the case of the use of slides, any departure on the slide being made exclusively at the signal of the surveillance staff (lifeguard).

15) Jumping, diving or pushing, abruptly and violently including verbal abuse anywhere in the DIVERTILAND perimeter are prohibited.

16) It is forbidden to leave vehicles in the DIVERTILAND car park, after closing the program or to park them otherwise than the markings in the car park require. It is forbidden to leave the vehicles with the keys in contact, the engine running, the windows open, the lights on. It is mandatory that cars left in the Divertiland parking lot be stopped.

17) It is forbidden to use beach umbrellas in high wind conditions.

18) It is forbidden to access the swimming pools and use the DIVERTILAND water installations in case of unfavorable atmospheric conditions or in any unforeseen situations that endanger the visitors / users.

19) It is forbidden in the DIVERTILAND perimeter for its visitors / users to enter dressed in swimming pools or slides and / or with food / drink.

20) It is forbidden to use swimming pools or any other facilities within Divertiland by people suffering from skin diseases or contagious diseases. Anyone who enters Divertiland Park declares that they are in good health and that they do not suffer from contagious diseases or skin diseases by simply entering DIVERTILAND, without the need for any other formality.

21) It is forbidden to sell, promote, share samples, recruit or interview people inside DIVERTILAND, without the written consent of DIVERTILAND.

22) The sale, purchase, consumption or possession of drugs or other substances prohibited by law within DIVERTILAND is prohibited.

23) Violent behavior, theft of personal items and any form of violation of the law is prohibited.


1) For the safety of other visitors, the access of visitors / users with a precarious medical condition, infectious or with communicable diseases is forbidden in the perimeter of DIVERTILAND.

2) It is mandatory to use the showers before entering the pools or slides.

3) In order to satisfy the physiological needs, the exclusive use of toilets is mandatory, the discharge of any human fluids outside them being forbidden. Access to locker rooms / toilets / showers is only allowed for those wearing appropriate footwear.


1) After purchasing the access tickets, both online and from the park cashier, you have the right, within the available places, within the DIVERTILAND operating program, to access, without any additional payment, the following facilities available in the DIVERTILAND perimeter: parking, sunbeds, umbrellas, attractions, sandy areas, locker rooms, toilets and showers.

2) Access to DIVERTILAND can be obtained only on the basis of a plastic or paper access bracelet (called “Bracelet”) which can be obtained at the cashier specially arranged within DIVERTILAND where the holder will present the valid online ticket to pick it up. The access bracelet is released only after verifying the identification data of the holder of the online ticket presented with those of the applicant.

3) For the access to the VIP turrets, the visitors will pay at the cashier the DIVERTILAND tariff announced through the means of communication available in the DIVERTILAND perimeter on the day of accessing the water park.

4) By assuming these Access Conditions, you understand and accept that DIVERTILAND reserves the right:

a) to unilaterally modify the operating program of DIVERTILAND or these Access Conditions or to close DIVERTILAND in case of unfavorable weather conditions and / or in case of any situation that may endanger the visitors and / or as a result of any measures imposed by the authorities , notifying in advance about this by any means (on divertiland.ro or by display inside DIVERTILAND).
b) to no longer allow visitors access, if there are no more places available in DIVERTILAND.
c) to select visitors and to exclude from the DIVERTILAND premises anyone who violates any of the rules of these Access Conditions. without returning the price of the access ticket.
d) to limit free access to DIVERTILAND during certain special events.
e) to photograph and film in the park at any time any person or group for promotional purposes and to use the images for the site’s own Facebook page or in other media, including online; By simply entering DIVERTILAND you express your agreement without any other prior formality for DIVERTILAND to use the image thus taken in its advertising campaigns carried out in Romania and abroad, agreeing to the multiplication on various types of support, its display, both on the page internet of DIVERTILAND, as well as on panels placed in the public space according to the incident legislation;

f) to give up at any time during the operating season to any visitor / user of DIVERTILAND, without explanation, with his compensation within the limit of the equivalent value of the paid access ticket.
g) The loss, damage or non-return of the access bracelet or of the safe deposit box bracelet entitles the operator to collect their equivalent value.

2.9 For a pleasant and safe experience in the DIVERTILAND perimeter, any holder of a valid access ticket, by entering the DIVERTILAND perimeter, unequivocally assumes the observance of all the existing norms and rules. DIVERTILAND will not be liable in any way for damages of any kind, including personal injury caused by non-compliance / improper compliance by DIVERTILAND visitors / users of any of the above obligations.

2.10 The DIVERTILAND water park is organized and operated by:

SC Divertiland Parks SRL, J23 / 1474/2011, CUI 28556660 (hereinafter referred to as “DIVERTILAND or OPERATOR”) at its authorized working point in Chiajna commune, Chiajna village, Ifov county, 1 Divovismentului Street, email: contact @ divertiland.ro, phone: 021 9446


3.1 The purchase of access tickets can be done online, on divertiland.ro, or directly at the cashier of the park.

3.2 The purchase of tickets online is done through the bilete.divertiland.ro platform and according to the terms and conditions presented on its pages.

3.3 By purchasing the access ticket, both online and from the park’s cashier, the visitor agrees to the park’s regulations and not to return the value of the paid access ticket.


8.1 The resale for commercial purposes or for any other reason of Divertiland access tickets is prohibited, the Operator initiating in this sense the legal procedures in order to repair the damage suffered and implicitly having the right to compensation in this respect.


9.1 The operator reserves the right to modify, limit or stop at any time the volume and functionality of the website – if this is not necessary for the performance of concluded supply contracts.


  1. The registration of the name and the telephone number for those who wish to visit Divertiland Water Park, is done according to the common order MTS / MS no. 619/1077 of 12.06.2020 and published in the Official Gazette on 13.06.2020. The data will be processed only in order to keep track of those who visited Divertiland Water Park and will be retained for a maximum period of 3 months, from the moment of entering the park, after which they will be deleted.
  2. For a pleasant experience at Divertiland, please observe the precautions.
  3. Access to Divertiland with food and drink outside the park is prohibited
  4. Please keep the mandatory distance of at least 1.5 meters in the waiting line of the Divertiland cashier!
  5. At the entrance to the park, the epidemiological triage will be performed by checking the temperature of each visitor! Divertiland may deny access to people with symptoms of a contagious condition or those who refuse to be checked.
  6. Keep the tax receipt for the entire duration of your visit to the park!
  7. Visitors have the responsibility to permanently wear the access bracelet in the park.
  8. Inside the locker rooms, access is allowed to a maximum of 10 people simultaneously.
  9. Observe the location of the sunbeds and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other visitors, including swimming pools.
  10. Before entering the pools, please use the showers nearby.
  11. Try to enjoy the moments spent in the pool so as to offer the same possibility to others.
  12. Use disinfectant dispensers inside the park as often as possible!
  13. Divertiland staff reserves the right to refuse access or to evacuate persons who do not comply with the rules of the park, Divertiland not returning the value of the access ticket purchased.
  14. Do not enter the Park if you experience symptoms such as: cough, sore throat, dizziness;
  15. Do not enter the Park if you have had contact with any person identified as having Covid 19;
  16. Do not enter the park without a protective mask on;