The perfect destination: Super Water, Super Vibe, Super Paradise.

The good news come in waves and if you are eager to redeem spring, find out that you have a whole summer of super fun ahead. From June 18, activate the holiday vibe at Divertiland, in the Super Paradise areas: at the Olympic pool and children’s pool, at Elephant Springs and Hippo Pool, at The Beach and the wave pool, but also at the Kilimanjaro, Waterfall and Rainbow Tower slides group.

Meet again with the joy of being with your loved ones in a setting that breathes freedom and adventure at highest levels, where your safety and that of other visitors is guaranteed by the cleanest possible water, under the most shiny sun.

The 2020 season must be about escaping and reuniting with those with whom we feel fantastic. Super Paradise is the perfect place to put summer at your service, while enjoying your favorite cocktail on the sunbed or exploring the countless fun options in the Olympic pool. This is one of the largest outdoor pools in Bucharest, but just as important is that it has the advantage of generous beach areas where every visitor can enjoy enough personal space.

Let’s give the holiday what is hers, revealing that in Super Paradise the children have two swimming pools dedicated to them, located in the vicinity of the Olympic swimming pool, so that families are welcome to have fun, young and old, all day long.

As the body energy must be maintained at the best level, we have carefully arranged 6 selling spots for food and drinks. Everything is set up, come and convince yourself!

Every summer day is a good opportunity to enjoy the holiday’s taste, so at Divertiland you’ll find the doors open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM. You can arrive here by car, by train – from Gara de Nord or Basarab stations – or by public transport: STB 236 buses will bring you to the park entrance, and STB 137 buses to Hornbach-Kika shopping complex.

The access to the park can be made based on tickets purchased online or from the park cash desks. From Monday to Friday, a ticket costs 40 lei for children and teens up to 18 years old, respectively 65 lei for adults. On weekends and national holidays, the ticket price is 55 lei for those up to 18 years and 85 lei for adults. As always, the little ones are our special guests, therefore those for whom it can be proven that they are up to 3 years old have free entry. On the other hand, those who have not yet reached the age of 16 must present the parental agreement if they are not accompanied by an adult. The form can be downloaded here.

This is indeed an open invitation and we can shout it loud because, as every single year, we make sure that the water in the pools is an example of responsibility. While its clarity is an aspect that speaks for itself, what cannot be seen with the naked eye are the special treatments we apply to water to become a pleasant and safe environment from the perspective of sanitary norms. The substances used in the purification process ensure a high degree of water safety, instantaneously eliminating viruses and microbes.

As an additional safety measure for this season, we will limit the number of people who can be in the Super Paradise area at the same time. Also, despite the large size of the Olympic pool and children’s pool as well, we would like to get the cooperation of our visitors in order to prevent crowding beyond the point where keeping a proper distance in the pools is no longer possible.

Because less worries mean more fun, we are constantly sanitizing the accessories in the park, the showers, and the locker rooms, while providing plenty of disinfectant dispensers to our guests.

Let’s meet for the supreme adventure starting with 18th of June.

This summer you are in Super Paradise: 100% guaranteed fun.