Your favourite attractions are waiting for you at Divertiland

The holiday season is here and we know exactly how to enjoy it to the fullest. At Divertiland, every day is an adventure, and if you are eager to join, the challenges will be chained to the hottest water attractions in Bucharest. At Divertiland, every day is a sheer adventure, and if you’re longing to join, the challenges will keep flooding from the greatest water attractions in Bucharest.

Get ready to climb to the fun’s peak and then dive at full speed through the twisted tubes of Divertiland’s slides. The most spectacular in the park, Kilimajaro and Waterfall, groups are at your disposal for your well-deserved dose of adrenaline. So be prepared for a sensational experience that you will rush to repeat as soon as you catch your breath.

On the slides of the Rainbow Tower group, the action goes on in the same dynamic and adventurous manner. If you know how to steer in the turns, you have all the chances to make a descent to tell your friends. Including those buddies you take with you on the double inflatable.

The Wave Pool lures you with its special charm, refining the holiday atmosphere – definitely a place where you will face the waves, sometimes softer, sometimes more energetic, but always just as exciting.

Let the water please you in the mini pools next to The Beach Bar, dedicated to adults. Invite your friends to join you while your favorite cocktails are being prepared and everything is getting ready for the next round of fun.

In the Super Paradisearea, summer is always at ease. The wide Olympic Pool spreads its perfect reflections in all directions, like a true mirror of the sky in which all aquatic environment enthusiasts are summon to enjoy the magic of the moment.

Next to it, the kid’s pool is the place reserved for children to swim and play, in a shallow pool, so that they always feel safe. The joyous pixies can also put their imagination to work in other areas dedicated to them. The small Hippo Pool and Elephant Springs, the sprinkles arena with water cannons, delight the youngest and cutest visitors year after year.

You have a whole summer ahead of you and the right attractions at your fingertips to turn the season into a fascinating story with your loved ones.

The holiday vibe invites you to have fun. You know the perfect destination!